Busta's greatBanana Bake Off

A BIG thank you to all that have entered. The competition has now closed but please carry on saving the bananas!

Around 160 million bananas are wasted every year by British families! So many ripe bananas are thrown out, even when they are still good to eat.

Schools You Can Help!

Schools can take part in Busta’s Great Banana Bake Off by making yummy treats from ripe and speckled bananas, to save them from going in the bin! Families taking part can nominate their school when they report how many bananas they have saved to add to their school’s total too.

Children and families can take part by turning over-ripe bananas into tasty treats and sending us a piccy of their culinary creations. All families that take part will receive a special Bake Off certificate!


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How it Works

Busta's Great Banana Bake Off Recipe Book

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1. Explore

Find out why Busta wants to save the banana

2. Mission

Get baking Busta's banana recipes or make up your own

3. Report

Tell Busta how many bananas you've saved and send in a piccy of the bakes you have made!


See your bake in the Banana Buzz!
All children that send in a Bake-Off photo will receive a special Bake Off Certificate. Busta's favourite piccy's will be show in the Banana Buzz!


Get your kids cooking
Cooking and understanding where food comes from is important and making your pupils more aware could lead them to eating healthier and helping to save the Earth.

Good Luck!

The Banana-o-meter

Help us reach our target of 1,000 bananas!

bananas saved
Bananas saved

Top Banana saving schools

  • Dr Radcliffe's Primary School332
  • Thakeham Primary School300
  • Penygloddfa Community Primary School175
  • Sidlesham Primary School100
  • Horton Kirby CofE Primary School72
  • Plaistow and Kirdford Primary School60
  • Lindfield Primary Academy38
  • Newnham croft primary school30
  • Dundonald Primary School17
  • Three Bridges Primary School12

Banana Buzz!


Dr Radcliffe's Primary School

332 Bananas saved

Lindfield Primary Academy

38 Bananas saved


2 Bananas saved


4 Bananas saved


2 Bananas saved

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