Who we are

"The decisions, actions and inactions of one species - ours - over the next decade will determine the fate of all life on Earth."  WWF 2012


Wastebuster CIC is a not-for-profit social enterprise that aims to support schools to become sustainable, to empower children to change their environment and enable children to believe that they can make a difference to their world.

The programme is designed to 'bust' the idea of 'waste' (to demonstrate how waste is resource) and show how changes in the way we learn, live, play, work, and travel can help us live happy and healthy lives - within the resources available to us. 

Wastebuster aim to encourage teachers and students to adopt pro-environmental behaviours and specialise in campaigns and initiatives that unlock considerable social, economic and environmental benefits - to help carry the messages from curriculum, to campus and into the community.

Almost all our work involves partnerships and collaborations. We team up with non-for-profit agencies, NGOs and charities. We form relationships with local councils, regional government offices and waste and utility companies, and critically we work with businesses that would like to activate change.

Wastebuster acts as a bridge between schools, policy makers, charities and industry to build coherence for the agenda, to bring relevance and reality into learning, and to inspire a whole generation to adopt careers that will support the development of a secure and sustainable, circular economy.

Fundamentally, Wastebuster acts as a catalyst for change by empowering children and young people to play a direct and active role in shaping their own future.

To find out more see the Corporate Wastebuster website.


How did it all begin?

Katy Newnham is the founder and CEO of Wastebuster.

Having documented the effects of climate change (El Niño) and industrial and domestic waste in the marine environment as a professional underwater photographer, Katy founded Wastebuster in 2006 to teach children the importance of environmental protection (with the help of Captain Busta and Lieutenant Pong of the Intergalactic Wastebuster Federation).

[1] The Department for Education (DfE)