The Wastebuster of the Year Award

This award is to recognise and reward Wastebuster recycling heroes.

We know you are out there! Our wastebusting hero could be a pupil, a teacher, a class, community group, a waste officer, School Council or Eco-Council that you know.

If YOU know of any amazing Wastebuster’s out there, here is a chance to throw the spotlight from Wastebuster’s space shuttle onto their great work and give them the recognition they deserve!

If you would like to nominate an individual or group, please email Wastebuster with less than 100 words on why you feel they deserve to win Wastebuster of the Year. Please include the individual or groups name and contact details (if a pupil is only the school/teacher’s contact details are required). Photos are great too (if available),

The Wastebuster of the Year will win a certificate of achievement and a full write up on our site of all the great things that are happening at your school!

The Wastebuster of the year is awarded annually with a deadline date of 1st June every year. Please email entries before the 1st June deadline to: info@wastebuster.co.uk with the subject ‘Wastebuster of the Year Award’. Or you can send entries to Wastebuster here with the ‘Reason for contacting us’ set to ‘Suggestions’. Winners will be nominated on the 15th June every year.