World Environment Day - 5th June - Help Protect the Planet

How can your school getting involved in the World Environment Day?

You can do anything that has a positive impact on the environment in support of WED. Wastebuster’s new Wastebuster Challenges are great for engaging your eco-team or the whole school community in local wastebusting activity, to protect the environment by reducing, reusing and recycling.
Why not:

•    Reduce food waste and make some healthy Busta Banana Flapjacks at school or at home 

•    Complete a textile collection to raise funds for your school (see Mission Challenges)

•    Get involved in a local litter or beach clear up, or run your own! (see Explorer Challenges)

•    Encourage pupils to explore an environmental issue and report on it (see Reporter Challenges)

The theme for WED this year is on the biodiversity and illegal trade. Illegal trade is currently threatening the survival of amazing species such as elephants, rhinos and tigers. You can learn more about this year’s theme on the WED pages