Children to become recycling heroes in the largest UK-wide recycling challenge

Children’s TV presenter, Maddie Moate, and Captain Busta are  inviting primary schools across the UK to help recruit recycling heroes for a chance to win prizes for their school by entering the challenge, launching on Monday 20th March.

'I hope this campaign will inspire children to help their whole family understand what can be recycled at home and why it is such an important thing to do.' Maddie Moate

The local Home Recycling Challenge in Surrey, West Sussex and Gravesham were so popular, the campaign has gone national and all schools who have taken part in the local challenges will be automatically entered into the national for more chances to win prizes, after the local competitions close. If you are a participating school in a local Home Recycling Challenge and would like more details, please contact info@wastebuster.co.uk.

WRAP’s Recycle Now campaign highlights the many unusual suspects in our homes that can be recycled.  By recycling, we reduce our use of natural resources and help to save energy. For example, if everyone in the UK recycled one toothpaste box, it would save enough energy to run a fridge in over 2,000 homes for a year.

Linda Crichton, Head of Recycle Now at WRAP adds, “We know that many families are recycling but not all are clear on all the items they can recycle.  By challenging children to find out about what they can recycle from home and by getting their families to recycle more, we want recycling to become the norm for the next generation. “

Recycle Now and Wastebuster are working in partnership with the British online supermarket, Ocado as part of a project to help educate children about recycling and the environment. The funding is being provided by the Ocado foundation.

Suzanne Westlake, Head of Corporate Responsibility and Corporate Affairs at Ocado said "Educating the next generation in environmental matters is hugely important to all of us at Ocado and we believe we can extend our responsibility beyond just delivering shopping into our customers’ homes. We're excited that we can help educate children across the UK about the benefits of recycling through the Home Recycling Challenge."

An exciting range of new recycling films featuring Captain Busta, along with a supporting cross-curricular activity pack has been developed for participating schools, to help children understand how things are recycled, along with the benefits of recycling.

Katy Newnham, Wastebuster said, "Although schools represent a relatively small percentage of the overall waste generated in the UK, they house 100% of tomorrow's population. Our hope is that by educating and inspiring children to recycle today we are helping to secure a more sustainable future."

Schools can take part by sending a Recycling Challenge Sheet home with pupils and registering how many sheets are returned. Schools with the highest % of pupils taking part will win a range of exclusive prizes such as innovative recycled Busta soft toy mascot, and the winning school will win £1000 cash and an exciting assembly with Maddie and Captain Busta. Children entering the poster competition can also win a range of exciting eco-prizes for their family ranging from eco-science packs and Wastebuster Top Trumps to an IPad!

Recycle Now makes it easy for everybody to find out what can be recycled and how at recyclenow.com/local-recycling

The competition will continue over the summer holidays and will close on Monday 25th September, during Recycle Week (25th Sept – 1st Oct). All winners will be announced on Thursday 28th September.

To find out more about the challenge visit: Wastebuster.co.uk/homerecyclingchallenge where Maddie and Captain Busta will be waiting to brief you on your mission! 

Download our  here which will help kick-start the competition in your school.