A Special Extra-Terrestrial Landing

On Tuesday this week, Captain Busta’s spaceship landed at Fair Oak Junior School in Hampshire, with the help of TV presenter Maddie Moate. The school won this exciting, extra-terrestrial, surprise visit for being one of the first 50 schools to sign up to the Home Recycling Challenge!

It was such an exciting day and the pupils loved it. Eleven year old Hollie Blake in Year 6, said, “The best thing about recycling is that rubbish gets a new life because it gets used again. We were really excited that the Wastebuster team came to our school and talked more about the Home Recycling Challenge and it was great to meet Maddie Moate.”

The Makeover

Maddie did a re-cycling make-over on the whole school. Emma Barkes in Year 5, was one of the specially selected pupils to help, because she was on the school eco-team. She was thrilled and said, “I’ve been part of the Green Team since September. The team is responsible for making recycling fun in the school. The Home Recycling Challenge inspires me and I think all schools should be involved.”

Join in the challenge

Your school has a chance of having Maddie and Busta visit and winning £1000, if you sign up to the Home Recycling Challenge and have the highest percentage of children taking part.

Engaging the wider community

Headteacher of Fair Oak Junior School, Andrew de Silva, said, “As a school, it’s important to encourage our pupils to make good choices which they can take forward as they grow up. Here at Fair Oak, encouraging pupils to understand the impact that they have on the environment is something we take seriously.

We teach everyone that they must reduce, reuse and recycle and so getting involved in the Home Recycling Challenge means that we can work with teachers and families to promote that recycling message.” 

Do your own makeover

You can also do your own Wastebuster school makeover (using the new Recycle Now with Busta videos, signage and activity pack that contains a waste audit) to promote care for the environment and boost recycling in your school. You can even pick up an Eco-Schools award at the same time. What are you waiting for? Get involved!