Busta’s Great Banana Bake Off Winners…

Busta is over the moon that he broke through his Banana Bake Off target of 1000 bananas and managed to save 1172 over-ripe bananas from the rubbish bin! Congratulations to Dr Radcliffe’s Primary School in Bicester, near Oxford, who saved 332 bananas from the bin! They will be getting 30 fantastic banana print aprons, so they can carry on with the wonderful baking they have achieved and a special winners award certificate for their school.

Kids' Winner

Well done also to Leonardo from Horton Kirby Primary School in Dartford, who made Busta’s favourite banana bake. He loved your cheeky pirate pictures, showing all the stages of you cooking. Leonardo has won a goody bag, full of fun, bonkers, banana-themed items.  

Kids' Runners Up

The two runners up were Grace and her brother from Three Bridges Primary School in Crawley with their fun banana phone picture and Sara who is also from Horton Kirby Primary School! Her delightful bake had Busta drooling for the banana yumminess she had created!! Busta will be sending each of them fun banana themed prizes.

Thank you to all the bananas schools who took part, to help make the campaign a huge success.