Earthlings! Do Captain Busta's Plastic Planet Challenge with your kids to Beat Plastic Pollution!

By the year 2050 it is estimated there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish (by weight) Ellen Macarthur Foundation 

On UN World Environment Day 2018Wastebuster and Recycle Now launched an exciting new 30 day challenge in schools, inviting young people to use their #pesterpower to engage their families in plastic waste reduction, reuse and recycling and help #beatplasticpollution.

We know the power of children to bug their parents to get what they want, so we want to help them learn about plastic pollution and harness their relentless energy to get their parents and families thinking differently. So they litter less, recycle more and make positive changes in their homes, communities and schools. 

The #PlasticPlanetChallenge aims to kick start a global youth movement by helping  children and young people realise that they can make a difference with the little things they do every day because #LitterThingsMatter. 

Taking part is easy!

Teachers just need to invite their learners to create a poster that will encourage people to beat plastic pollution and to send in their top 2 designs - one for each age category (5-7/8-11 years). 

The winning poster will be made into a customised design on a refillable water bottle, which will be presented to the winning children and school/s, and can be sold to raise funds for school environmental activities, tackling plastic pollution. 

Children can take part at home and earn a special award certificate from Captain Busta, for pinning up posters they make (so that lots of people see their messages)  and completing other, fun Wastebuster Cadet challenges.

This is a fantastic project for pupils before the summer holidays!
Help us get the word out to your pupils so they can be part of this exciting challenge and give young people a shot at helping #beatplasticpollution
Because there is no planet B.

Good luck everybody!

Captain Busta