Get Ready for an Awesome Autumn Term – You Can Make a Difference!

Busta can’t believe what a long hot summer we’ve had this year earthlings, he hopes you haven’t forgotten the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling. Now you are all back at school he wants everyone focused on waste-busting to make a difference!

There’s a lot going on this term, starting with Recycle Week on September 24th.  It’s a great opportunity to get involved and get recycling! We know that recycling matters because it helps our environment, it affects pollution, climate change and the problem of ocean plastics.

Be part of something brilliant!  Get inspired with our 15 minutes to save the Earth! Assembly. Signpost your school recycling bins with our unmissable posters, so everyone knows where and what can be recycled in school and get your eco-teams on the case to get the whole school involved.  You can download everything you need for Recycle Week here.

Happy waste-busting!