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Welcome to Wastebuster

Wastebuster supports schools to become more sustainable, whilst helping teachers to bring waste and recycling to life in the classroom.

Combining entertainment with a serious look at the facts, Wastebuster videos, assemblies, eco-team activities and lessons can help your pupils understand why waste is a problem and what they can do to make a positive difference to their world.

Captain Busta's videos are accompanied by teacher-developed activities, lessons and toolkits with delivery notes, differentiation and extension ideas and curriculum links - to make it easy to plan and deliver high-quality teaching and learning.

With Wastebuster you can:

  • Help children understand and practise the 3R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
  • Embed the 3R’s and sustainability across all aspects of school life and work towards all level of Eco-Schools award
  • Empower your school to become a catalyst for action in your community, reaching parents, families and more

Helpful Guides

Find out how you can make the most of Wastebuster with these handy downloadable guides:

Resource Library

Take your pupils on Captain Busta's amazing adventures to learn about the amazing, weird and wonderful world of waste! 

The Wastebuster Resource Library is full of great resources for those of you waving the wastebusting flag in your school. You will find videos and songs featuring Captain Busta and his friends, eco-team activities, lessons, arts and craft activities, interactive assemblies, home learning, quick activities and whole-school projects.

Captain Busta's Pick of the Month

Busta was excited to share his new adventures into waste today, he almost crashed his spaceship into Elon Musk's car in orbit!

The new Recycle now with Busta teaching packs explore what happens to plastics, cardboard and paper, metals, paper & cardboard and food waste on Earth.

The packs contain fun adventure videos with Captain Busta with accompaying lesson plans, eco-team activities, fact sheets, posters and more...

So, what are you waiting for?

It's time to dive into the recycling resources bin!

Education for sustainable development enables people to develop the knowledge, values and skills to participate in decisions about the way we do things individually and collectively, both locally and globally, that will improve the quality of life now, without damaging the planet for the future.
The English National Curriculum, QCA

Education for Sustainable Development is an emerging but dynamic concept that encompasses a new vision of education that seeks to empower people of all ages to assume responsibility for creating a sustainable future.

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) motivates, equips and involves individuals and social groups in reflecting on how we currently live and work, in making informed decisions and creating ways to work towards a more sustainable world. ESD is about learning for change.
IUCN - Commission on Education and Communication