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So, it's time to go green! Wastebuster's activities and resources can help you on your path to saving waste in your school - whether it's missions for your eco-team or kick-starting a whole school campaign, these will help you get started:

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Featured Resources

New Teacher's Bin is now LIVE!

We have now launched our new resource database. We have made searching for lesson resources so much easier, by incorporating a search bar, teachers can now search for keywords. The resources, such as the lesson plans and subject packs can also be filtered by key stage, topic, theme, resource type, subject and many more. We hope that this more streamlined approach to our resource database will mean that Wastebuster members will be able to search for the resource they want in the most efficient way possible and fundamentally make the most of their membership!

We are always updating and adding to our resource database – our resource database is an encyclopedia of all things waste!



NEW! Waste Week teaching resources

The theme for Waste Week 2016 is E-waste (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment – WEEE). Wastebuster are proud to be working with The POD to provide exciting new teaching resources that explain how and why electrical and electronic waste reduction, reuse and recycling is such an important thing to do.

Click here to download the new E-Waste information pack for Waste Week and vest our E-Waste resources page to find all our E-Waste resources. There is a range of lesson plans and activities to choose from, each accompanied by videos to help teachers bring this exciting subject to life in the classroom.

Captain Busta has also released his latest video ‘Plastics Wars’ for Waste Week. Why not follow up by exploring how waste plastic is transformed into Captain Busta mascots here! If you want to find out everything about Plastic, then download our new plastic pack here.

Wastebuster Universe

Teachers! Check out the universe page to see how you can use it in your class.

The Universe features different planets, each covering a different environmental topic, such as Planet Textiles and Planet Organic, where children earn Universe Points as they explore and learn. New planets can then be unlocked by answering quiz questions correctly.

Wastebuster Universe can be used to develop pupils’ ICT skills and support independent learning in school or at home. Designed for a range of age groups, the game is ideal for eco-committees and encourages peer to peer learning. Teachers can also use specific planets to support eco campaigns or topic-focused activities.

Remarkable recycling film

Watch our fascinating short film and discover how plastic cups are turned into recycled pencils.

We sent Busta along to the Remarkable factory in Worcester to meet with its founder Ed Douglas Miller and find out how our Waste Week pencils are made.

Why not watch the 7 minute film with your students and use it to inspire them to invent something new.

Make sure to use the brand new Remarkable Recycling - teachers support sheet.

Exciting Switch Off Fortnight Wastebuster films!

We’ve teamed up with our friends at the Pod to create a series of videos for Switch Off Fortnight. Join Busta and Pong as they investigate energy waste and find out how small steps can result in a big change!

Part 1:  Busta and Poogle investigate energy saving and climate change ( watch film )

Part 2: Busta and Pong visit a human house on a secret energy saving mission. Find out how much energy they saved (watch film)

Part 3: Sing along to Busta and Pong’s new song “Save it!” (watch film)

Wastebuster Year Planner 2016-2017

Download your 2016-2017 Wastebuster Planner  here . It contains all the eco-events coming up this year and next as well as some useful links which will help you get involved.

Get your school on the eco-map!

Of course we like Wastebuster Schools to blow their own trumpets, so add your own school to the map and shout about your waste busting activities!

It’s a great way to maximise your school’s environmental profile - and it's fun to explore where Busta and Pong have visited too.

We like the satellite view as it looks pretty.

Click here to get eco-mapping