Introducing The Wastebuster Universe!

The Wastebuster Universe is an exciting new online learning resource designed to get pupils thinking differently about the things we use and throw away.

The game invites pupils to join Captain Busta as an Intergalactic Wastebuster Federation (IWF) Cadet to help him save the Wastebuster Universe from the greedy evil Bin. 

Explore, Play and Learn in the Universe

Login to travel along the ‘Discovery Paths’ on each waste and recycling themed planet to gain information and facts on how to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to keep these valuable resources out of the clutches of greedy Bin and thwart his bid to take over the Universe.


Planet Bin

Discover the Waste Hierarchy and 3Rs 


Planet Organic

Learn about food waste and benefits of composting



Planet Textiles

Explore the value of textiles and impact of textiles waste



Planet WEEE

Find out about waste electricals fastest growing type of waste

Cadets use what they have learned on the ‘Discovery Paths’ to answer the quiz questions in the Brain Banks to unlock fun,  waste themed games, as a reward.

Universe learning points are awarded to pupils for completing different activities, such as finding the ‘Did You Know Duck’ facts, watching imbedded videos and answering questions in the “Brain Bank”. The highest scoring totals are entered onto the Universe leader board.

There are many different ways to use the Wastebuster Universe to improve pupil awareness of waste and recycling topics in school, or as a home activity:

  • On the interactive board in front of the class to introduce a topic
  • To support children to fact-find or explore a topic themselves
  • With an eco-committee or club
  • In free choice or reward time

Further guidance and some suggested lesson plans for each planet are available for download below: 

How to Enter the Universe

The Universe URL is: www.wastebuster.co.uk/universe

There are 3 different account types that can be used to log into the Universe:

  • Teacher Logins
  • School Cadet Logins
  • Home Cadet (or Parent) Logins

Please note. The Wastebuster Games Universe can only be used on standard PC's (not IPads, androids or mobile phones).

Teacher Logins

To enter the Wastebuster Universe simply use your usual Wastebuster website teacher/ school login.

You can email info@wastebuster.co.uk if you need a login reminder.

The main two functions of teacher logins for the Universe are:

  1. To manage the creation of Cadet/pupil accounts in the in your account page on the main Wastebuster site.  Each school
    can create up to 10 Cadet/ pupil account logins (teacher logins cannot score points)
  2. To demonstrate/ explore the Universe in class as a group activity or in preparation for use in class without interfering with cadet account scores

School Cadet Login

School Cadet login can be created in your account page on the Wastebuster website (which will appear in the top right-hand corner of every page after you have logged in to the main site). 

School Cadet login can be used by multiple users (i.e. you don’t need a different login for each child). However, individual logins are useful if your class or eco-team would like to score individual points (which can be seen in your account page).

Please note that when you set up a cadet account or rest the password this will be mailed to the contact email in your school account details.  If multiple teachers are using the account you will need to update the email contact to your email address before setting up or resetting accounts.


Home Cadet (and Parent) Logins

Pupils/ families can visit the Universe login page to register for their own accounts if they wish.  For security reasons individuals under the age of 16 must supply a parent or guardian’s email address to complete the registration process. Login details will be emailed to the email address provided – this email address will also be assigned a parent/ main account login similar to a teacher login that can create up to 10 home logins.  Accounts/ logins with incomplete registration processes cannot accumulate Universe points or in game achievement badges.

                       Enter the Wastebuster Universe here