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The Intergalactic Wastebuster Federation has listed Earth on the endangered planet list and so Captain Busta and Lieutenant Pong have bravely gone where no space monkey and fur ball have been before...to Earth. To recruit an army of children to bust waste, conserve resources and secure a sustainable future.

Wastebuster aims to empower children to reduce waste in school and take their learning out of the classroom and into their home, community and the wider world.

The programme offers a video rich, multimedia teaching resource with cross-curricular films, practical activities and resources to make Wastebusting an exciting part of the curriculum.

Wastebuster also offer Recycling Rewards schemes that enable schools to recycle more and fundraise, to teach children the value of waste as a resource.

Busta's Sunflower

Wastebuster activity counts towards all levels of Eco-Schools award. So, by joining Busta and Pong on their waste busting mission, schools can also work towards waving the Bronze, Silver and even the prestigious Green Eco-Schools FlagTremendous!

Dive in the bin and get your hands dirty!

Or first meet Captain Busta and Lieutenant Pong in theirs...


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Top Stories - Summer Term 2015

Eco-Aliens Take to the Catwalk

On Wednesday 20 May, pupils from Holy Trinity and St Silas Primary took to the catwalk with their customised creations made from unwanted textiles donated from the local community of Camden.

This exciting event was delivered with the support of student and corporate volunteers from the University of the Arts London (UAL), Pinewood Film Studios and H&M as part of Wastebuster's corporate volunteer programme. The successful programme gives staff an opportunity to roll up their sleeves to do some amazing things in their local primary schools.

Other participating businesses include EDF Energy, SITA UK, Hogan Lovells, DHL and STEMNET.

Read more here

West Sussex schools lead the charge to tackle plastic bottle waste!

In December the Recycle for West Sussex Partnership and Wastebuster asked West Sussex primary and infant schools to help reduce the staggering 14 million plastic bottles send to landfill every day in the UK.

Schools were asked to invite members of their school community to make a pledge to recycle just one more plastics bottle a week in support of the UK-wide Pledge4Plastics initiative. The response has been staggering!

Read more here

To find out more about the West Sussex Pledge4Plastics initiative visit: www.wastebuster.co.uk/pledges

Be a Recycling Star!

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Spring into space with the Wastebuster Universe

Still stuck with old Christmas cake or fancy doing a spring clean of your old unwanted electrical gadgets? The Wastebuster Universe interactive learning zone is an ideal resource to demonstrate to pupils how to reuse and recycle some of the things they see at home going to waste. Children can learn about giving their gardens a new lease of life through composting by visiting Planet Organic, or discover what amazing things old electrical items can become through reuse and recycling on Planet WEEE.  

With new Teachers’ Guide and lesson plans available for each planet, it’s even easier to use the Universe on the whiteboard, to introduce a topic, to support children fact find individually, with an eco-committee or club, or in free choice or reward time. 

Take up the challenge and defeat the Evil Bin today www.wastebuster/universe.

Top Wastebuster Videos

The Primary Earth Summit 2014 video




An important message for children from Green Week


Captain Busta calls in help to tackle plastic waste



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Kidz Bin
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Fashion, but not as we know it…Wastebuster’s Eco-Aliens Fashion Show Success

ALIENS BEAM DOWN TO LONDON PRIMARY SCHOOL FOR A FASHION SHOW! On Wednesday 20 May, pupils from Holy Trinity and St Silas Primary modelled their own customised… [READ MORE]

Rose Green Infant School smash the record for plastic pledges!

Pledge4Plastics is a Government-backed national campaign to boost recycling of plastic packaging in the UK. Schools in West Sussex have been taking part in a bid to… [READ MORE]

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