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Wastebuster is an environmental education programme provided free to schools in West Sussex through West Sussex Waste Partnership.

This is your portal to exciting and enriching Wastebuster assemblies, films, cross-curricular lesson plans, homework activities, and toolkits. The programme is designed to bring waste education to life for primary school children and support child-led waste reduction and recycling campaigns in school.

David Attenborough's BBC documentary series, Blue Planet II highlighted the dramatic and concerning effects of plastic pollution on the world’s oceans. This emphasises the importance of waste education to ensure that children and young people are part of the solution.

Wastebuster supports teachers to inform, inspire, and empower young people so they can activate positive change in the classroom, on school grounds and in the home.

Although schools may only generate a small percentage of the world’s waste, they shape 100% of tomorrows population. Teachers tell the stories that set the vision, values and agenda of an entire generation.

We hope you enjoy Wastebusting. Captain Busta and Pong are at the ready to dive into your recycling bins!

Getting Started Pack

This pack is ideal to help you get started on the journey towards engaging your whole school to learn about waste education to care for the environment.

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The Wastebuster Homework Specials

This year you can work towards a special Wastebuster award and explore the issue of waste with our brand-new Homework Specials. You can positively support and engage your whole school community to ‘go green’ with these fun enrichment activities, and encourage everyone to be a more responsible consumer, reduce waste and recycle more.

We have six Homework Specials to complete: Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Waste Week, Easter and Summer 2021. Each has top tips for reducing, reusing and recycling and asks children to write or draw what they have done to be ‘greener’.

Taking part is easy:

A selection of the wastebuster homework specials
  • Download the latest West Sussex Homework Special here.
  • Send a sheet home with each pupil to complete.
  • Hold a class ‘show and tell’, so each pupil can share their sheet and explain what they did to reduce waste.
  • Take a photo and email us your favourite Homework Sheet/s – your class could vote for their favourite – and tell us how many pupils took part.
  • You’ll receive an Award Certificate for each Homework Special completed, and your favourite Homework Sheet/s could appear on our social media channels too.
  • PLUS every school that takes part in all homework activities and sends in the homework sheets will win a personalised video from Busta at the end of the school year*!

Email your favourite homework sheet (and number of pupils) to info@wastebuster.co.uk.

*Keep hold of your homework sheets as proof of entry. The school with the highest number of pupils that have taken part at the end of the school year will win the personalised video from Busta.

Need help?

Are you looking for a specific resource or support? Let us help by completing the form below and we’ll contact you to get you on your way.

The 2020/21 School Planner

This helpful planner highlights key environmental dates throughout the academic year and provides hyperlinks to Wastebuster resources that can support class, eco-committee and whole school engagement.

Download Planner
Recycling in West Sussex

To teach about recycling and waste it is often helpful to know exactly what your options are locally. The West Sussex recycles website is a fantastic resource to help you find out

The west sussex recycles home page
Helpful Guides
Featured Resources 2020/21

Watch these great new episodes featuring Captain Busta, Pong, Roach and Boo to find out about plastic pollution. These short films can be watched as a series or as stand alone episodes and are great for assemblies or in class.

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Episode 1

Planet Earth has a problem with plastic pollution. Busta and his team’s mission is to find out what it is and what to do about it.

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Episode 2

Busta and his team talk to their city reporter Patch about plastic pollution in towns and cities, and what happens to it.

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Episode 3

Busta and Boo talk to Ryan’s Recycling, OMG (One More Generation) and a Youth Ambassador for the Born Free Foundation.

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Episode 4

Busta needs some help and launches the supernova Plastic Planet Kids Challenge.

Wastebuster Support for Your Whole School

The Wastebuster programme is designed to support members of the school leadership team, eco-coordinators, subject leaders, teaching staff, premises managers, members of the PTA, eco-committees and pupils to tackle waste in school and at home.

All staff in West Sussex state primary schools can now have their own Wastebuster account to access the free resources and helpful news and information about new resources and opportunities for your school.

Please help spread the word!

If you think there is anybody in your school who would like a Wastebuster account, please tell them to contact us by email: info@wastebuster.co.uk

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